Offering personalized and group barre based classes, incorporating weights and cardio exercises.

JAR Barre

Judy Raby


Pilates, yoga, and sports conditioning are brought together to build strong, lean, and flexible muscles.


JARFUSION at JAR Barre - where barre meets yoga.

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About JAR Barre

JAR Barre and Yoga began life in 2013 by one adventurous lady (Judy Amalia Raby) from London, United Kingdom and has evolved into a small, sophisticated boutique style, private and personalized business for like-minded members in Chapel Hill and Durham, NC.


Carefully curated sessions are created using various elements drawn from over 30 years of experience in gymnastics, bodybuilding and yoga. Choreography is passionately, instinctively and intuitively bound together tailored to the requirements of individuals looking to maintain health and vitality wherever you are on life’s continuum.

Body goals in the sky, strong feet and calves, conditioned abdominals and thighs, increased range of mobility and flexibility and a posture that attracts compliments. All that plus a host of fun challenges and ever-changing menu of tailor-made exercises too.

It’s no accident that the collection of movements are so special. Every prop and exercise is tried and tested by JAR and reviewed by a diverse group of trusted fitness industry professionals, including Durham’s top personalized fitness entrepreneurs, Chapel Hill’s number one ranked Dojo in the Triangle.





JAR Barre Reviews

From JAR Barre Clients

I am a huge fan of Judy. She is very reliable and competent – both as a business woman and as an instructor. 
I have personally trained with Judy, and she is very intuitive to the student needs and able to push in a positive way. She comes prepared to the workout with equipment, music and a fantastic “can do” attitude.  The workout facility is always ready, clean, and welcoming for all attendees. Workout starts on time, and she is a wonderful instructor (can even get me moving).

She is extremely knowledgable and very motivating.  She has been involved in the industry for decades, whether as a professional body builder, personal trainer or currently as a certified barre instructor. 

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